Zeiss Ikon Zm + Leica 50mm Pre ASPH

So recently I got a Zeiss Ikon ZM to start once more experimenting with film, its a beauty of a camera, but it doesn’t fill as robust as the Leica m6 I used to have. Viewfinder is great, but if you don´t look straight into the viewfinder, the rangefinder patch disappears. Shooting with it on Aperture Priority, makes it very easy to use.  This will basically be my third time trying film, hope I don`t give up as fast. In Bucharest you still got some places to develop, and it seems that they do a good job. I might also start developing my own BW, but need to find a space within the apt:).

First Images shot with the Zeiss Ikon Zm + Leica 50mm Pre ASPH, and Fuji Superia 400 film, as one BW with TriX 400.














Mostly Q – Many Images

I have been shooting extensively for the past days  with the Q. I can only say that it is really a great little camera. There are some positive and negative aspects I can highlight. First the bad ones:

  • High iso – is not a high iso camera. Actually even the Sony A7ii which was not good, might have been better.
  • Banding – if files are pushed, and only a few steps, banding will appear. I read that this was also a problem with the M, that was solved with a firmware update. I hope the same will happen. It is not a big issue if you don´t tend to over-edit your files, but it does happen.
  • Auto Exposure Lock – it doesn’t have a well implemented function. If you want to lock exposure you need to leave the button pressed. That means that you cannot use AEL with the Exposure compensation wheel. Ex: Lock exposure, and then use Exposure compensation, since you must leave your finger on the AE button pressed. Horrible design.
  • There is no way to disable the back screen and only use it to see settings or playback. You can use auto switch, which leaves the back screen all the time turned on, and turns it off when you put the camera on your eye, or use EVF only, which turns the screen off. But all needs to be done through the EVF. Shame on Leica for this, it seems it was designed by engineers who never shot a camera. Hope is also corrected via firmware.
  • The Buffer is limited, but who said this was a machine gun kind of camera:)
  • Playback of images is slow. I don´t really chimp, but when is needed there is a slight delay.

It might look like a lot of bad things, but actually the camera is a joy to shoot.

  • Auto focus in AFS is incredibly fast, like a dslr, and it is 99% on focus, (better than a dslr).
  • The lens is a beauty: sharp, colors – yes it´s software corrected, but who cares.
  • The camera is fast, everything works just right, (with the exception of chimping).
  • The Sony RX1 v2 might have better image quality, but shooting with the Q is fun. It gives excellent results, and most of the time doesn´t get in your way. It feels like a camera, not a computer, even thou I still prefer an ovf.

Some images from the last week, (all images shot in Bucharest):

















Q is in the House

So after a lot of thinking I decided to get rid of most of the equipment I was not using, and get a Q. Currently I have no DSLRs, only the M and the Q. This will cover most of the things I shoot in a small compact package. Hope I don’t regret this decision, since sometimes a DSLR comes in handy.

Please follow a few snapshots:) I am hoping to take her out pretty soon for a real test. First impressions: camera feels a bit hollow, not bad nor good, but does give me the impression it might not be as robust as the M, (hope I am wrong), autofocus in afs is amazing, I was using the camera in very dim light, and it amazed me how fast and easily it grabbed focus, it puts to shame the A7ii. The bad is afc sucks, I don’t even know why is an option. Image quality seems to be quite good, but high iso is not the best, if compared to the DF, is actually lacking. The EVF is not bad, but is not perfect, still feels like looking through computer screen. 28mm is a focal length I love for my style of shooting, so that won’t be an issue, actually is a plus!

Overall the camera feels great and its fast to operate, I just hope a firmware update brings a few improvements, like AEL, and the ability to disable the screen and just turn it on to see settings.