Photoshoot with the Leica…

Its been a while since I don’t do photoshoots, the opportunity arise past weekend so I decided to risk it a bit and used the Leica instead of the Nikon. I do love the results that came out, but there were a lot of miss focused shots, need to work on the technique, or have the lens check….

Leica M240 plus 50mm Summilux Pre ASPH


Here are some examples:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

And one with the nikon D800 plus 50mm 1.8

Photo 5

Dr. Mireles at Mexico City

Last week I cover a few picts within a manifestation for the imprisonment of the leader of the auto defensas in Michoacan, “Sr. Mireles”. People were protesting because of how he was jailed for false allegations of carrying drugs and guns. According to the people these have been placed by the police and were false allegations.

Just a few picts from that day, I plan to do something with audio as well, which I managed to record. But for now a few picts from that day…

(The manifestation ended peacefully)