The Metalsmith from Xochimilco

More than 50 years as a metalsmith, and still loves what he does. He considers himself an artist of metal, "I don´t do sculptures as before, people don´t appreciate the value of art, nor the time and dedication it takes to build them. But once in a while I do them for my enjoyment. I … Continue reading The Metalsmith from Xochimilco

Peluqueria (Barbershop) Manolo – Mexico City

Last weekend walking through Cuba Street, in Mexico City, I bumped into a beautiful little barbershop. Even more intriguing was the person working in it. His name is Manolo, and he has been a barber for more than 50 years, (he is 67 years old). Started working at 17 years in a Barbershop right down … Continue reading Peluqueria (Barbershop) Manolo – Mexico City