De Algumas Estórias – Theater

Its been a while since I haven't shot concerts or theater plays. 2 weeks ago a shoot a play in which a friend participated. I used a D800 plus 35mm and 85mm, both 1.4. Was tons of fun, lighting condition constantly changed, making it quite moved. Specially when the dreadful red light appear... 🙂 Some … Continue reading De Algumas Estórias – Theater

A few studio portraits, (PocketWizard – HyperSync – Elinchrom Bxr)

A few portraits of a friend i did experimenting with pocketwizards hyperSync setting. Incredible how you can actually trigger the flash at speeds even higher then 1/4000 without much configurations or settings. Some caveats i had, was that i wasn't able to measure how much flash power I was loosing, my lightmeter only goes to … Continue reading A few studio portraits, (PocketWizard – HyperSync – Elinchrom Bxr)