Fuji X70

Just got a x70 to use as a day to day camera and not worry about equipment when traveling with the family 🙂 This is not my first fuji, I used to be a x100 user, but sold it after having quite a few issues with the camera, (sticky blade, bad service support, etc, etc, but that was long time ago).

First of all, the camera is really small, actually to small, but that was what I was looking for. Its incredible that for such a size, you get such image quality. I am more than happy with the image results, I only done a few shots, quite impress till now.

My concerns are that the camera does feel sloppy, reminds me of the x100, aperture dance when focusing, if you shoot in manual, and use apertures like f8, it feels clumsy, (slow?) when it closes down the aperture to shoot. Focusing is not the fastest.. Anyways, the good overcome the bad, and I didn’t get the camera to use it as my main camera, I got it to use it as a point and shoot, and carry it when I dont want to be messing with equipment.

I got a voigtlander viewfinder, works quite good. Actually I can use it with the camera in autofocus, parallel error is not such an issue, and you can actually feel when the camera has achieved focus.

A few snapshots playing with the camera…


Q is in the House

So after a lot of thinking I decided to get rid of most of the equipment I was not using, and get a Q. Currently I have no DSLRs, only the M and the Q. This will cover most of the things I shoot in a small compact package. Hope I don’t regret this decision, since sometimes a DSLR comes in handy.

Please follow a few snapshots 🙂 I am hoping to take her out pretty soon for a real test. First impressions: camera feels a bit hollow, not bad nor good, but does give me the impression it might not be as robust as the M, (hope I am wrong), autofocus in afs is amazing, I was using the camera in very dim light, and it amazed me how fast and easily it grabbed focus, it puts to shame the A7ii. The bad is afc sucks, I don’t even know why is an option. Image quality seems to be quite good, but high iso is not the best, if compared to the DF, is actually lacking. The EVF is not bad, but is not perfect, still feels like looking through computer screen. 28mm is a focal length I love for my style of shooting, so that won’t be an issue, actually is a plus!

Overall the camera feels great and its fast to operate, I just hope a firmware update brings a few improvements, like AEL, and the ability to disable the screen and just turn it on to see settings.








More Bucharest – this time in Film

I had a Nikon F3 for quite sometime but never actually took it out, nor tested it to see if it worked correctly. Last Friday I decided to give it a try and burn out a roll of film.

Actually the results were better then I expected. I used Lomo ASA800 Film, since it was all I had around that could be developed fast. I have quite a few Tri X and Ilford Black and White films laying around, that I am eager to shoot!

Shot with a Nikon F3 and ASA800 lomo film