Yep my dog not the camera 🙂







Bye 2016, Hi 2017 :)

2016 is over, it seems like it was only yesterday when I moved to Romania from Mexico. What a year! New country, new language, new people, new culture. Yes, it hasn’t been easy, but surely it has been fun.

Photographically speaking it was slow. Maybe the language barrier played its toll, but slowly I´ve been able to learn a few things which allowed me  to approach people easier. Yes, Bucharest is not as colorful as Mexico, but that just makes things a bit more challenging. What I really do miss is approaching people as I was doing in Mexico, talking to them and exchanging stories. I hope this improves in 2017.

Regarding equipment, I slimmed down most of my equipment and just kept what I was really using, no more speedlights or big chunky dslrs. I kept my studio lights, just in case 🙂 I also started shooting film again, with some satisfactory results, not the best, but still good enough to make me continue with it.

The most important thing I´ve learned from 2016, (regarding photography), is that you need a story. Just going out and shooting doesn’t do it for me anymore. It might be fun, but I hope to be able to focus on specific topics during 2017: issues, people, whatever I can find. Just going out and shoot, as fun as it might have been, is not fulfilling for me anymore. So during 2017 maybe I will not  post as many images, but hope the ones I post will be more interesting.

Happy New Year!!!

Please follow a 2016 year image review….

More fun with the X70

I haven’t had a chance to go out and play with the camera, anyways here are a few more images, hope you like them. Yes camera is slow, buffer really sucks, when drive mode is set to continuous it doesn’t matter if you only shoot 2 images, it will slow down to clear the buffer, but colors are great and image quality is as good as it can get for the size. The Leica Q feels like a dslr in regards to speed and response time compare to the Fuji.

Wouldn’t recommend it as your only camera, but as a side camera and day to day one is wonderful. I am actually thinking of getting the wide adapter, so when I go with the Q I take this one with the 21mm equivalent 🙂






And one with the selfie screen 🙂