iPhone beats the Leica and Fuji….

Just a small fun comparison for a picture i just realize i took 3 times with different cameras. I know probably the fuji will beat the other cameras in IQ and the leica for printing, but still quite amusing finding that for web viewing the iPhone looks good enough… Which one belongs to which picture, can you guess?

(This is just for fun i am not saying that actually the iPhone camera is better)

iPhone camera, who needs a Leica???

I use to be very fund of my android phone, recently I had the opportunity to get an iphone 4. Wont say much about which is better, but one thing is for sure, the iphone’s camera is amazing. Great dynamic range, for a cell camera, fast, almost invisible, you can get some shots that will be quite difficult to achieve with a dslr.

Here are some examples, all taken and edited directly in the phone:

Blurry Portrait...

Suco por favor...