I am back….recent pictures from Romania

It’s been already over a month I haven’t posted. Please follow some pictures from a recent road trip around Romania…. Leica Q, film and a phone 🙂

4 thoughts on “I am back….recent pictures from Romania

  1. So many children will be left without ‘a family’ if that referendum succeeds. Thinking of all of the single mothers and fathers out there, or those who have lost a parent. They would cease being a family in legal terms. The future of the children relies on safety, security, a warm home, finances to go to school and buy books, and good education. A comfortable life also depends on an environment that is free from violence and conflict. Yet right now, in Romania, their future is narrowly defined by them being raised by ‘a man and a woman’. And in my humble opinion, it has nothing to do with traditional values, but solely with homophobia. The fear that one day, some same sex couples might ‘try’ to adopt a child, even if that will affect no one whatsoever in society.

    1. I am not Romanian, but I been living here for almost 3 years, sadly I have the impression the DA will win… seems the Country will take a big step into the past….

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