Bucharest, Pride and a Priest….

This weekend was the Pride Parade in Bucharest. I managed to get a few shots, but it was quite surprising to see so little  attendance. Nothing compared to the ones in Mexico or Brazil, probably no more than 100 people attended, and that is being optimistic.

I asked some people from the LGBT community why so little people attended and their reply was quite saddening:

“Actually this year we had a bigger attendance. Romania is a homophobic country in which we Gays have to hide our preferences and not show any gesture of attention in public. Many of us are afraid to come out in public because of social repercussion, and been rejected by friends, family and in work. Many of our friends haven´t come out, nor will do, because they don´t want to be jeopardize in their daily activities”.

He also told me that part of the problem is how religious was the country and how Orthodox Church has brainwashed people. I did bumped into a priest who was just standing there, not related to the parade, and his comments did backed up what I was told. He was highly disrespectful towards the LGBT community, he actually told me that they were the root to all evil.. 😦  I guess there is still a long way to go.

Some pictures related and not related to the parade….


4 thoughts on “Bucharest, Pride and a Priest….

  1. Well, I am glad is like this, they are a minority and should respect the traditional family, is not a matter of religion, Iam not religious but they know this is not the normal way, they have right to be what they want to be but as soonest they are still a minority they still have to show respect to the ones who are mayority!

    1. I understand what you mean, but I disagree with your comment. The lgbt community is not complaining about no been allowed to have sex in the streets, that is disrespectful even if you are an hetero couple. It’s much more than that, and yes been considered like monsters by the majorities to me is sad and shows a lack of respect and understandment from the current society. They are not respected at all and still they are the ones that need to be respectful?

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