More Bucharest










4 thoughts on “More Bucharest

  1. My favorite is the man with the flag. Such sincerity and the flag is soooo big. I have no idea what the issue is but I feel his sincerity. Well done, my friend. My new flag-waving friend has made his expression of something known to the world…thanks to you.

      1. Hey, it’s all good. I love images of sincerity. I sent it to my daughter who shares my love of sincerity, in all forms. Sincere puppies are the best. I have a photo of a sincere bluebird on top of his new house; I should post it. In fact, I think I will create a new category on my site and call it Sincerity.

      2. Dearest, your link on More Bucharest is failing. Where it says “read more…” or some such, the target page says “nothing found.”

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