More Bucharest










4 thoughts on “More Bucharest

  1. My favorite is the man with the flag. Such sincerity and the flag is soooo big. I have no idea what the issue is but I feel his sincerity. Well done, my friend. My new flag-waving friend has made his expression of something known to the world…thanks to you.

      • Hey, it’s all good. I love images of sincerity. I sent it to my daughter who shares my love of sincerity, in all forms. Sincere puppies are the best. I have a photo of a sincere bluebird on top of his new house; I should post it. In fact, I think I will create a new category on my site and call it Sincerity.

      • Dearest, your link on More Bucharest is failing. Where it says “read more…” or some such, the target page says “nothing found.”

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