More Bucharest

Palatul Parlamentului


Titan Sud


Somewhere near Downtown


National Theatre Bucharest, (cant get tired of shooting this building)




5 thoughts on “More Bucharest

  1. We really like your photos. We have recently purchased a Nikon D3300 and it is first ‘proper’ camera we have used. If you could please have a look at our photos and offer some advice on how to get great shots then we would really appreciate it! Our post with our first pictures is . We have been looking through blogs for what we feel are clearly talented photographers, if you could help then that would be great!

  2. Incredible building, it reminds me somehow of the tiers on a wedding cake – as you can see I’m no photographer or architect but nonetheless am really enjoying you images – thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for passing by and commenting, glad to read you like them. The building is much bigger then how it looks in the picture, actually is one of the biggest buildings of the world, between the first 3, it’s impressive.

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