Finally new pictures!

A few pictures from today! Shot around Piţigaia, a small village located around 2 hours by train from Bucharest. Wonderful place to shoot, hope to go back soon.

More pictures in my flickr account.

Leica M + 21mm Zeiss and 50mm pre asph, and Sony A7ii + Loxia 35mm.










6 thoughts on “Finally new pictures!

  1. Love your photos, they’re so diverse, and reflective of the changing world we live in. I love how you keep it real, and how un superficial your style is. I’m working on my blog too, so let me know if we can help each other out constructively. I like to exchange ideas, and constructive feedback with fellow bloggers as much as I can! I believe feedback is everything..

  2. Your images in this series is precisely why Romania is on my photography bucket list. You have captured a view of your nation that will disappear in 20 years.

    1. Mordi, thanks for passing by, and commenting! Actually I am not Romanian, moved here a few months ago. You can still find quite a few places like this in Romania, but you have to wander out of the cities. My impression is that considering how Romania is growing, not many villages will be left in a shorter time.

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