Street Portraits – Mexico City – colors, people, and diversity…..

More street portraits from this amazing city full of colors, people and diversity! All shot with a Leica M240 + 35mm Pre ASPH Summilux and Nikon Df.

The great thing about photography is not taking pictures, but meeting the people you are shooting 🙂

Comments welcome!

5 thoughts on “Street Portraits – Mexico City – colors, people, and diversity…..

  1. Me encantan las fotos! I wouldn’t have the guts to approach the last one. But then I think the great thing about approaching people is that you never know how they’ll react and you’ll often be positively surprised 🙂

    Do you usually first start a conversation or ask them directly if you can shoot a photo? And what do you answer when they ask you “for what”? I’m still struggling with my approach, haha.

    1. Hi thanks for the comments! Yes I usually approach people and ask them for permission to shoot them. I do some small talk at the beginning and ask what they do or any other thing that comes to my mind at the moment. I try to be polite as possible and if they say not give thanks and retrieve.

      When they ask why, I tell them the truth. That i am a photographer documenting people and the city.

      After a while it becomes easier and more natural. Keep trying and don’t be pushy it will come natural.

      1. Thank you very much for your advice, it was very helpful! I also tell the truth but I used to say “Estoy sacando fotos de la gente de Montevideo para mostrarlas a la gente del extranjero” and that sounds so lame compared to “Estoy documentando la vida en Montevideo” 😀

        Have a great weekend!

    1. Yep indeed, but actually he was walking with such a hurry that i couldn’t stop him for long, a quick pict and he had to go. Maybe he was in a hurry to save someone 🙂

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