Mexico City – Its People

Its been a while I actually don’t go on the streets to shoot. This saturday I managed to go for a few hours to do what I love, wonder around, no final destination and talk to people. So many stories…

Some shots from this saturday, comments and critics welcome:

(Leica M240 + 35mm 1.4 Pre ASPH)

The Rock Star…


Santa Muerte – He has been living in the street for the last 6 months with his wife and 5 kids. Trying to feed them by keeping an eye on the cars around the park and cleaning windshields.



The shoe cleaner – 50 years cleaning and restoring shoes


Taking a break from work to play cards…



The Mechanic


Mr A and his Tires and Rubber Store


The Tortilla Man




2 thoughts on “Mexico City – Its People

  1. Goodjob Alejandro like always! Your works are stunning! These people seems like coming from another time but I take a look again and really they’re my neighbours my brothers. This for me is the power of your colors and contrasts. Have a good time!

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