Nikon DF + Voigtlander 40mm – Picts from Sao Paulo

Since selling the x100, I been looking for something that will be actually as fun to shoot, but more responsive. The Sony RX1 is a wonderful camera, but feels like shooting a computer. So when the Nikon DF came out, it seem like it might be the wise choice to make. Incredible high iso, fast, and fun…Was debating between the sony a7r and the DF, and sadly without been able to test them on the stores I had to rely on the internet to make my choice. I went for the DF and it seems I made the right deicison.

I spend the whole day in the street shooting and loved the camera, all the manual knobs felt wonderful, and the camera is extremely responsive. I also got the voigtlander 40mm for portability reasons, but did find it extremly difficult to focus. Well is actually as difficult as with the D800, here nikon did messed quite bad, no split screen for focusing or any other aid besides the green dot…

Some picts from today, comments and critics welcome!














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