Buenos Aires

Recent picts from Buenos Aires…. All shot with the Sony RX1.

Comments and critics welcome!








4 thoughts on “Buenos Aires

  1. Hi, my name is Vigen! I’m a designer from Spain and was generally looking for something on traveling when I chanced upon your blog. It seems very interesting and informative and I’m sure I’ll be a regular from now on.

    1. Justin thanks very much! I haven’t reply back since i was waiting to have some time to actually do a post about it. Usually I import the picts into lightroom, there I apply some basic editing which I have stored as a preset, (now i am using the VSCO04 presets, I use them for everything except for studio portraits). Afters, I would export the pict in a PSD and edited on Photoshop, were as well I have a preset. Basically this preset consists in curve adjustment, level adjustment, brightness and contrast adjustment, saturation and some selective detail, all is done through layers and by a preset so is usually quite fast doesn’t take me much. I run the preset and then just do slight adjustments. I wll post later a step by step on the blog. Really glad to hear you like the colors!

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