Atacama Desert – Chile

Since I got into photography, my trips have been more photo related then actually holidays. Basically, I have chosen were to go based on the photo opportunities these places might give me. This trip to Atacama Desert was different, went more for a holiday trip with my girlfriend, to just relax and enjoy the trip.

It is definitely a place worth visiting, the scenery is extremely beautiful, you go from sand and desert to tons of snow in only a few hour driving distance. But, prices are outrageously expensive, food and were to stay are excessively high, and also be careful with some tour operators, we had a terrible experience with one of them on a trip to a salt lagoon.

I took the D800 plus a manual 28mm lens, to keep the package small enough.

Some picts, comments and critics highly welcome!


And one final picture of me in wonderful company 🙂


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