Voigtlander 17.5mm 0.95 + Olympus E-M5

Its been a long time since i have actually posted something, sadly I been quite busy with work for the last 2 months so pictures have been a bit neglected. Last week my voigltander 17.5mm lens arrived. I was debating between getting this lens or the fuji XE-1 camera, but for some unknown reason I went with the lens….

I wont turn this into a review, not skill enough to contemplate that, but a few things stand out when using this lens:

– Heavy!!!!! kind of kills the portability of the m43 system.
– Manual focusing is quite hard, more than I expected, lost some nice portraits yesterday. But slowly today I was getting the hang of it.
– I bought an ND filter to use the lens wide open on day light. I made the mistake of buying one which is at least 3 stops. Kills to much light and for a walk around lens is not good. Should have gotten something with less stops….
– Quality and build of the lens is magnificent.
– Pictures does have some beauty that i cant explain, maybe its my wallet screaming for mercy after buying this lens.

Some picts, (most of these were shot wide open):

Playing with shadows


Some kids I met playing on the street


Yes Captain!


Wide Open, lucky shot


Hugging the pole


Gentleman from Sao Paulo


Dark Alley


More shadows



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