Rio de Janeiro and a few snapshots! The D800 and OMD meets Rio.

Last week I was lucky enough to go with the company I work for as volunteer documenting a social initiative for sustainability in Rio de Janeiro. We got to visit a school in the community Chapéu Mangueira as well as other places of great interest in its surrounding areas. In the school we interacted with kids from young ages to teenagers in regards to sexual education, issues that surround their communities and the importance of sustainability and natural resources. It was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to meet Rio for the first time in a completely different way. I always have thought that in volunteering is more what you get then what you give, and once more it felt like that. You do bring a smile to people but you take a lot more with you.

Here are some picts from my visit to Rio, all taken with the D800 + 35mm 1.4 and the Olympus OMD with the 12mm 2.0. Both cameras were a joy to use. The D800 is definitely an amazing machine. Image quality, rendering can’t say much that haven’t been said before. The OMD was also surprising, even the use of the tilt screen which I thought I wouldn’t even be using. Not sure if I could rely on it as an only camera system but for traveling and street shooting is a winner. I will love to get the 25mm 1.4 in the near future.

Comments and critics highly welcome!

D800 – Upper View


OMD – People from Rio – Selaron Stairway Río de Janeiro


D800 – Chapéu Mangueira – Rio


OMD – Chapéu Mangueira – Rio


D800 – Chapéu Mangueira – Rio


D800 – Chapéu Mangueira – Rio (Community School)


D800 – Escola Capoeira MARROM – Rio


OMD – Holly Rio


OMD – Mr Selaron – Selaron Stairway Río de Janeiro


D800 – And a few more portraits from Chapéu Mangueira



The last two from the communtiy with the OMD



And me – picture taken with the D800, by 12 year old child! They loved playing with the camera. All of them wanted to be photographers!


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