Gay Parade Sao Paulo 2012

Once more I was able to go shoot the Sao Paulo Gay Parade. I did it last year, Gay Parade 2011 and this year was also as fun, lots of colors, people having fun without any taboos, just partying all around. Sadly didn’t have a dslr with me, since I have sold them to get new gear. So I only was left with the fuji x100 and the Leica M6, loaded with BW film.

Shooting with the x100 in this kind of situations may be quite frustrating. Lots of things are going, and cameras’ focusing speed struggles to handle the movements. As soon as I hit the camera to focus, things will have already moved. With this in mind I try focusing a bit more on portraits, for which this camera rocks!!!!.

I love the image quality that comes from this small package, but in my opinion I still prefer the results obtain with the D700 from last year, of course different cameras for different things.

Comments and critics highly welcome.













And one of me with, (not with the long hair :), in the reflection:



6 thoughts on “Gay Parade Sao Paulo 2012

  1. well this illicits a mixed reaction …

    while i enjoy your imagery, and the quality of your shots, i cant help but feel a little wierded out by the subjects. 🙂 some may say i am judgemental, but in so doing they would be judging me for my opinions and feelings. nevertheless, i have to wonder at the need some people have to display their preferences so abjectly and openly. when straight people do this its considered rude, at best.

    that said, i still think your images are well done. i do especially like the last one, with the reflection.

    1. Silverylizard, as always thanks for following my posts. I do undertand your concern about the theme and thats is part of the beauty of life, having different opinons about different points of views, and still being respectfull as you are being.

  2. Great photos. I like your composition very much. Some of you photos are very cleverly constructed to make the contrast. Like the first one that would be a simple group photo but with to guys kissing and the lady smiling it gives a very good story and concept of what’s happening there. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Hi ctony thanks for passing by and commenting. Yep that was the idea i was trying to catch, a glance of everything that was happening. Good to know i managed to do it. 🙂

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