Sao Paulo in Black and White – the M6 goes for a City Trip.

I been already 4 weeks in Sao Paulo, and can’t really say much about it that hasn’t been said before. Is a highly populated, but extremely lovely city. Full of wonderful people, of course as in any other big city you could bump into anything so just need to be careful and aware of your surroundings. My experience until now has been really positive, it’s on the expensive side but that I knew already, so no surprise.

For street photography Sao Paulo, especially “Avenida Paulista” and the city center near, “Republica Metro Station”, are a photographers delight. So much things going on at the same time, people, smiles, sadness, happiness, angriness, everything mix together; so just need to keep your eyes wide open and shoot. People seem to be open to photographers and a smile and a few words takes you a long way…

Of course insecurity is a problem, especially in the city center which is full of homeless people and drug addicts. So carrying a DSLR might not be such a good idea if you are going to be wandering around the city alone. With that in mind I decided to take my good friend the M6 with a set of black and white films, an ilford delta400 and a kodak tmax400, plus a lightmeter. Even thou the lightmeter on the M6 works quite good, I wanted to be as discrete as possible and keep the camera on a low profile. I measured with the handheld lightmeter, set the camera exposure and approximate focusing distance with the camera on my waist bag, and only did some slight adjustments when taking the camera to the face.

Film was developed by a local lab and scanned with a Plustek Opticfilm 7600. Camera used was a Leica M6, and as lenses, a Voigtlander 28mm 2.0 and a 35mm 1.7. As always comments and critics highly welcome. Thanks for looking!!!!

Complete Shoe Cleaning Service in the City Center


Near Teatro Municipal


Only in Green


Telephone Man Grabbing His….


Pants in the Toilette?


Near Liberdade


Stranger Carving Coconuts in the City Center


Fashion Statement at Paulista


Hard Labor in Praca Ramos


Everyone Seems to be Kissing but Me


Near Paulista Avenue

Brasil (24)


From the Hip


Some Street Art

Brasil (23)


Teatro Municpal



One thought on “Sao Paulo in Black and White – the M6 goes for a City Trip.

  1. Hum, I guess you have a pretty strong light in Sao Paulo, but I find your rendering way too contrasty. Althougj I like the clear whites you have, I definitely think you lose a lot of data in you blacks.
    I like you first shots in the article

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