Shadows and Contrasts

I wanted to share a sequence of images I have denominated “Shadows and Contrast”. Recently I have been organizing my pictures in more of a conceptual way. In this case strong shadows and contrasts seem to be the center idea in this set of images.

As always, comments and critics highly welcome. These were shoot using different equipment, exif data should be intact, if not, just let me know, i will be more then happy to tell you which cameras were used..

Thanks for looking!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Shadows and Contrasts

  1. well done on these! i saw a lot of detail, and really got a lot of feeling/emotion from many of them. i dont think im qualified to really pass critique. and if i remember, you use film, at least part of the time, and i know nothing aboit film photography. but to my partially trained and learning eye, most of these seem to be pretty engrossing.

    1. Silverylizard once more thanks for taking the time to look at the picts and leave some comments, I really appreciated. In this set most of them where shot using digital; D700, D7000 and X100. Only the following ones were shot on film:

      – Man with an umbrella
      – Colosseo
      – Sexy ladies on the last picture.


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