First days in Sao Paulo…

I been on Sao Paulo for less then 10 days, and even thou Carnival festivities start next week, I already manage to get a small glimpse of it on a cultural event they had past sunday on the metro station known as “La Luz”. Basically a small parade on where they close the street for people to dance and march to the music. People laughing, dancing, enjoying the music, and a lot of Samba. I was there only for a few hours, and sadly only brought the x100, no dslr, which even thou is a great little camera, it lags a lot on the focusing department for this kind of events, so only a few picts where taken and mostly portraits.

Actually not many people were present, but still enough to have have fun and do some picts. Seems like i am really going to enjoy being in Sao Paulo once more!!!!

All picts taken with the x100, which by the way is going once more to service; this will be the third time. Fuji has a terrible quality control service, but at least their guarantee is international and i can send the camera within Brazil. This time is being return since the camera which they send me to replace mine, after the sd card got stuck inside the camera, is a refurbished model which has a terrible scratch on the EVF, and also issues with light spill on the image visor. How can they even mail a camera without checking these basic things….I was actually thinking of getting the new fuji pro but with all the quality issues i had with this little camera, i am not sure anymore….

Comments and critics, as always, highly welcome.











3 thoughts on “First days in Sao Paulo…

  1. Fantastic photography…. Loved it… Thank you for sharing them out! Over here, getting ready for the largest street carnival in the world, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil… and loving it! See more from Brazil´s street party here

    1. Hi thanks, which i could go to all the nice cities in Brasil to do pictures of the carnival, will definitely take a look at your picts as well. Once more thanks for passing by and commenting!!!!

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