Wonderful Surprise – La Individual del Lunes

I Just wanted to share with all of you that I was recently selected to present my work in one of Venezuela’s biggest published newspapers, “El Nacional”. The edition came out this monday January 30. They been doing for quite some time a wonderful section, known as “La Individual del Lunes”, dedicated to photographers of Venezuela. It’s a complete page dedicated to your work. Being able to portray your work in a media that is read by so many, is an amazing experience of which I am really thankful I been given the opportunity to participate, considering we have so many great photographers in Venezuela. Thanks to Juan Antonio Gonzalez and the people of “El Nacional” for sharing my work with all your readers. Hope other newspapers and printed media will copy this initiative.

In my series I wanted to portray the loneliness through which people live in the cities. How as the bigger the city is, the lonelier we become, how we are secluding each other even thou the population is constantly growing. The tighter the spaces the more apart we become. People use to say that we are born and die alone, but it seems that now we are as well living alone.

Here is a copy of the newspaper page as the pictures which were shown.


7 thoughts on “Wonderful Surprise – La Individual del Lunes

  1. As I already said on your flickr : congrats, boy.
    This was a great opportunity, and I hope you will get some fallouts for your blog or your work in general.
    Keep working !

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