Caracas, much have been said about it, good and bad, wont get into details. But for sure, of the places I have taken pictures of, this is always the one that triggers the most adrenaline, even if its only for doing a couple of snap shots in the street.

I was born in Venezuela, and left my hometown around 2 years ago for the same reasons I wouldn’t normally carry a camera in the streets. This Christmas I came to visit my family,  and of course, couldn’t miss this opportunity to do some pictures of the city I grew up and try to loose a bit of that scarness.

Sadly carrying a camera in Caracas is not such of a good idea, and to some, may be even consider a crazy thing to do, considering the high levels of insecurity we Venezuelans have to deal every day on the street.

Of the places I went, I have to say that I was quite amaze at the condition El Calvario was, it used to be a place for drug addicts, thieves, etc, etc, but they had turn it actually into a real nice place with even a coffee place. The rest of the city was as always, highly chaotic…

Most of the pictures shot with a Fuji x100, and film using a Leica m6, besides a few from a couple of years ago that were shot with a Nikon D700.

Thanks to my friend Cristhoferson for coming with me to do the picts. He is an amazing photographer and friend, please check his blog:

Cristhoferson Blogspot

As always, comments and critics are highly welcome….

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