First Shots from London…Who said Film was Dead.

Some recent shots from a 6 day trip to London. My intentions were to shoot mostly film, but just in case I also brought the x100. For scanning an Opticfilm 7600i scanner was used, of which i haven’t been able to get any good results yet. As for film Fuji Superia 400 and some unknown brand bought at the Lomo store ASA 800. For the black and white ilford 400 and kodak film, but these haven’t been develop yet, so for now i will be posting only color pictures.

Camera: Leica M6 with a Voigtländer 28mm f/2 Ultron.

Quality in printed paper was really good, but the one being obtain from the scanning process leaves a lot to be desire, hope is only a user error, since i am mostly new to all the process involved in film, as scanning.

This is just a small sample of shots, will be posting more pretty soon. Specially the black and white as some shots from the fuji.

As always comments and critics are highly welcome….










And one from the fuji… (lovely camera it is):



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