The fuji is back from service…X100

So after sending the camera for the sticky blade syndrome to fuji support it came back in around 2 weeks. Quite fast considering the camera was shipped within Germany and then to UK. Camera feels about the same, maybe a bit faster and responsive, cannot tell if its just an illusion or always been like that. Also, sadly no way to tell if the lens assembly is a new design, but at least everything is working as it should. Fuji support in Germany is non existent, but they were at least honest on there replies when I ask them about the camera, to which they said they didn’t know much about it since the repairs were being done through UK. With UK it was a different story, even thou the camera was return pretty fast no more then 2 weeks, they were quite friendly by phone until i ask them about the blade issues and new lens design, basically the just avoided given me any answer and acted as I if this issue was completely a one in a life time thing, that it was not common. Also my emails were reply avoiding compleltly the issue, shame on fuji for such a terrible support, okay the camera was fixed and return in a so so time, but communication should be a key factor in customer support, which to me it seems they don’t know much about it.

I really like the size, image quality and form factor of the camera, but considering these issues maybe the nex7 from Sony doesnt seem like a bad idea. Will have to wait and see when its available to give it a try with the 16mm prime lens. Sadly wont have the form and shape of the fuji, which for street photography is kind of crucial since people think you are shooting with a film camera and are more open to you….

For now i will continue enjoying the fuji and its wonderful image quality… some recents picts after receiving the camera:





4 thoughts on “The fuji is back from service…X100

    1. Thanks, yep indeed is great even with its up and downs…. I tried shooting with my D700 on the street during the fuji rehab period, and it was almost impossible… every one will look at you as soon as the shutter was pressed.

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