Air Ballons….Cappadocia, Turkey…

(Update 22/09/2011: Some of the pictures have been re edited on the computer, dose edited on the computer will have exif data).

I got to Cappadocia without knowing what to expect, but what a surprise, it’s an amazing place, something I never seen before. If you ever have a chance to come here don’t even give it a second thought, you won’t regret it, unless you are looking for parties.

I will do two posts for this part of the trip, one for the balloon fly experience and another about the place. As in my past posts, these were edited directly in the iPad, which I thought was reading the raw files, but seems to be only taking the embedded jpeg in the raw files, not sure yet. Cameras used where the Fuji x100, plus the nikon d7000, with the 20mm and the 85mm 1.8

The ballon fly was an incredible experience, but on the expensive side. Some picts from the flying trip, took like a thousand actually….will be posting more when i reach home and have my actual computer…

If you go to Cappadocia, stay in Göreme and look for the Nomad Cave Hostel and ask for Apo, he is great guy who will definitely give you a hand while you are in Cappadocia…


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