Turkey – Istanbul

(Update 22/09/2011: Some of the pictures have been re edited on the computer, and to my surprise actually not much of difference for web viewing, dose edited on the computer will have exif data).

Cannt say much about Istanbul that hasnt been said before. I been here only for 2 days and all can say is wow…

People, culture, everything is amazing, but a bit on the expansive side. Great for doing photography, hope I could stay for a month but sadly will be only for 12 days. Right now  I am at Istanbul and will probably travel to other places after the 4th day. I will be continuously posting pictures during my trip thanks to the magic of the iPad. Incredible tool for the size, you load the pictures through the camera kit, do some editing, and the up to the web.

For the trip i brought my D7000 with an 85mm and the x100, I also brought a 20mm in case the Fuji started acting crazy…

Here is the first set, please take into consideration these were edited directly in the iPad, so quality might not be the best… As always comments and critics are highly welcome…


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